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Probate help for executors and beneficiaries

Guiding you through the legislative maze after a loved one dies

 man leafing through probate forms

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process which determines who has the responsibility to deal with a deceased person’s affairs, and is the main task for those left behind after arranging the funeral.

Once awarded a Grant of Probate, the executors (those named specifically in a Will to deal with things) must pay any taxes due, close all bank accounts and sell any property as required. All outstanding debts and expenses are then paid before the remainder is distributed amongst those named in the Will (the beneficiaries). Needless to say, all of this can be demanding and time consuming.


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The maximum value of property and other assets above which Probate will almost certainly be required

 young woman helping an older man with probate paperwork

Whatever help you need, we can provide it

If you are acting as an Executor in a Will then you are personally liable for any debts, so professional advice is essential. If you are an Executor, you have the following options:

  • Let us to complete the work for you - all our clients have access to our probate services with a massive reduction in fees. Even if you aren’t an executor in a Will written by us, we will still quote you a fixed fee for doing all the work on your behalf.
  • Do the work yourself with our help - if you wish to complete the work yourself, executors of all Wills written and lodged with us have access to our free advisory service. Complete as much as you can and then arrange to visit one of our offices where an experienced consultant will complete the paperwork for you free of charge.
  • Get your local Bank or Solicitor to complete probate for you - the problem with this is you may pay £2000 – £8000 for a simple estate. Ask for a quotation before they start work.

If you’re an executor, contact us for expert advice on Probate