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Expert, forward thinking services from Heritage

Because while no-one knows what the future holds, you can prepare for it

2015-11-18 00:54:52

How we can help

Whether you are looking to create or rewrite a Will, need advice on setting up a discretionary or lifetime trust or wish to create a Power of Attorney, we can help with these and many other services – just see below. Just click for a guide to our typical fees, and contact us to be sent our free, comprehensive guide to Wills and other services

 Link to Will Writing

Last will and testament

If you wish to help your loved ones avoid even more heartache, or have an idea of how you’d like your affairs to be managed after your death, a Will is vital.


 Link to Power of Attorney (L P A) P A

Lasting Power
of Attorney, Property
& Affairs

The most common type of LPA, this is a legal document that allows clients to choose someone they trust to make decisions on their behalf about their property and finances.


 Link to Power of Attorney (L P A) P W

Lasting Power of
Attorney, Personal

Excluding money or property, this LPA legally allows a person to choose someone they trust to make decisions on their behalf about their personal welfare.


 Link to Probate Services

Probate help
for executors

If you have been named as executor of a Will or someone you know has died without one, their affairs will probably need to go through probate. If you need help with the Probate Registry or obtaining a Grant of Probate, we can assist you.


 Link to Trusts – Discretionary and Lifetime

Discretionary and
Lifetime Trust

Trusts can be valuable when planning what happens to your estate after your death or other major life change, and can help lessen inheritance tax.


Link to Property Protection Trusts

Protection Trust

A property protection trust can still be useful to protect your half of your home after your death, while still allowing your partner to continue living in the property


 Link to Property Title Changes


People in common law relationships are often unaware that their home will not automatically pass to their partner upon death, while married couples may wish to pass on a percentage of their home to someone other than their spouse. We can help with either situation.


 Link to Funeral Plans

Pre-payment plans

A funeral plan is a financial assurance product that can help to ensure that your funeral costs are paid for with no need for extra cost to your family, thereby removing one worry.


 Link to Document Storage

Safe, secure
document storage

When even something as simple as a pen mark can invalidate a Will it’s important to keep it and other valuable documents safe. And our annual storage fees are guaranteed not to increase.


hand signing will related paperwork

Our prices – a guide as at Jan 2017

We know you have a choice of provider for the service you are interested in, which is why we do our best to be as upfront as possible with the key information you need.

Below is a guide to our typical charges:

  • Last Will and Testament (Single Person) - £145
  • Last Will and Testament (Couple) - £215
  • Two Property Protection Trust Wills - £520 (Includes Trusts)
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (Single Document) – £160
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (Both Documents) - £260
  • Discretionary Trust - £310
  • Disabled Persons Trust - £310
  • Lifetime Interest Trust - £310
  • Probate Services - £175 per hour + VAT
  • Document Storage - £39 per year (inc vat)
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy - £110
  • Property Transfer (with Mortgage) – £350 approx plus land registry fees
  • Property Transfer (without Mortgage) – £300 approx plus land registry fees

We also have package deals which can save you over £100 if you require more than one type of document – just call us for details

All charges include a telephone consultation OR an initial visit to your home, daytime or evening and include VAT @ 20%.
Trusts are priced on a per Will basis.
Severance of Tenancy is priced per property.

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